Saturday, September 08, 2012

Teaching Kids Web Design and Development

Lately I've been following some efforts at teaching kids coding.  Through them, I became aware of this post:

Web Design and Development For Kids

I'm surprised there isn't more on this subject, frankly.  There should be.  When I was a kid, the only kids who knew anything about computers were the two or three who happened to have fathers who taught computer science (we lived in a college town.)

My father actually had been a programmer, just after the Korean War, one of the early Fortran programmers, but I didn't learn that until I'd grown up and become a programmer myself.  I certainly didn't learn coding at his knee.

But I wish I had.  I know I would have enjoyed it, more than I enjoyed my Barbies or my piano lessons.  And we're at the point where computers are sufficiently available, sufficiently inexpensive, and sufficiently easy to use that children should be able to learn to program, should they want to.


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